What to expect from your third trimester

Baby: It’s almost time for your baby to make their big debut! During this last trimester, your baby is preparing for life on the outside.

Your little one is gaining lots of weight- get ready for those sweet little rolls!

What’s growing this trimester?

  • Their little bones are getting stronger
  • The brain is making huge developmental strides
  • They are even forming their first little poop (and there will be plenty more where that came from!)

Your baby should also be moving into position for delivery.

Momma: You are on the home stretch! You might not believe it, but your belly will get even bigger. You may start to feel some aches in your abdomen and back as your bump continues to grow. That big bump is also pushing on your stomach which may cause heartburn.

Remember how tired you felt in this first trimester? You’ll feel it again now. You may also notice that you are clumsy or forgetful. Another sign you’re near the end? Leaking from your bladder or breasts. Your sweet baby’s head is putting pressure on your bladder and your breasts are preparing to feed your little one!

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