Making an addition to your family?

Getting good prenatal care is vital to you and your baby’s health. It is important to go to your prenatal visits as often as your doctor schedules them. If your doctor sees you regularly they can identify and treat any issues early. This will help you have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

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How often should I visit my doctor?

The typical schedule for doctor’s visits is:

Weeks 4 to 28:
1 visit a month (every 4 weeks)

Weeks 29 to 35:
1 visit every 2 weeks. Plan on having an ultrasound to check your baby around 20 weeks. You will also do a test for gestational diabetes around 26 weeks.

Weeks 36 to 40:
1 visit every week until delivery

Your doctor may want to see you more often if there are any concerns during your pregnancy.


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